About us

The essence of interior design and filling the space with quality and design-perfect products and furniture is definitely the search for creative solutions. At EFG Group, we tackle creative solutions with enthusiasm, detailed study of functionality and design in order to fulfill the wishes of each customer. We create changes for our clients who are looking for high quality furniture with a bold character that fills every space and adds a sense of homeliness. We have filled a wide variety of spaces with our furniture, which leaves a timeless trace of design space.

EFG Group is a first-class choice for all those who are looking for perfection, added value and want to step into the future when renovating or building a new building. It should be emphasized that it is not only a selection of furniture and materials, but the perfect interior also helps to improve the quality of living, efficient use of space and a sense of homeliness in the gastro segment. Furniture can bring about positive changes in your environment, in your way of thinking, in organizing space and time.

We are approached by successful companies and individuals who want change and want to enable themselves and visitors to live better and further develop their own potentials or the company by using thoughtfully designed spaces. For companies in particular, the interior must be in line with the company’s values, and individual projects can be completely unique experiments, sometimes intended only for the client. Precisely because of this, we also enable the client to choose any material, wood and color, or the possibility of personalizing a piece of furniture. Which is also a big advantage in executing your idea and vision.

EFG Group is a newly created company that takes every customer and idea as its own, which is why our approach is very personal, because together we want to find a solution and implement it perfectly. EFG Group is engaged in the representation of the company Leta Sandalye and the wholesale / retail of pieces of furniture.